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Are you in need of a Roofing Leads for your roofing company? We provide solid roofing lead solutions for our customers. With double verified leads that are waiting for you to show up you can’t lose with Contractor Roofing Leads. We provide a second to none marketing service that is targeted towards the roofing and contractor industry. You can start getting new fresh roofing appointments almost immediately.

Money Back Guaranteed Performance


ContractorRoofingLeads.com agrees to provide a full money back refund to the Customer if we cannot provide the Numbers of Leads Purchased with the agreed Guaranteed Sit Rate of 100% of all Leads provided. We guarantee that the 1. Homeowner is there for the appointment; and that 2, they asked for the service offered; and that 3. The Client has NO existing Agreement to do the work described in the Lead, and that 4. Homeowner has insurance.

If there is a problem lead "simply" advise using the daily appointment log and then return with comments, those results will be Status Verified, if accurate, the Lead will be replaced immediately, at no additional Cost.  We do verify with the Client the reason for the None Sitability of the Lead.  In all cases the lead will be replaced  "except" if it is determined by re-contact with the customer that the lead met the 4 conditions above.

All Leads must be run at time and date set, If a Lead is contacted prior to time & date by Client that Lead will not be guaranteed. Client MUST report status of all Leads run the following business day, or no guarantee will apply.   All results subject to confirmation by contacting Lead to confirm results, confirmation result is final determinant of status.

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